Multicolor abstract pattern - step by step

05/26/2013 19:21

We have a similar paintig idea on our website, but this one shows steb by step how to achieve a multicolor effect with Decoroll decorative paint rollers.

This is a fun project. It's practically just rolling the same pattern over and over, every time with a different color. You just need to make sure that you didn't cover the previous pattern with a new one. Every pattern needs to be off set a few inches.You will also need to flip the roller over to reverse the direction of the pattern. (the left side of the roller goes to the right side of the paint holder tray).


The background is plain gray. The first color we used was yellow.




  Followed by coral color.The roller was flipped at this point.




   Then the roller was flipped again, and the pattern was started at a different point as the previous one.






   The green was followed by light peach color.






  The peach color was followed by blue....



 This picture shows two steps: a dark blue and a teal color, which was the final color. 




                                     And here is the end result.


Note: this was done with pattern #291, which is currently unavailable. A similar effect can be achieved with other abstract rollers as well.