How to paint with Decoroll Paint Rollers

04/18/2013 13:04

If you are creative and love patterns, this is the right tool for you. This is the right tool for you also when you'd like decorate your rooms on budget, or if you want to avoig harmful compounds gassing off of most wallpapers. Although decorative paint rollers Decoroll are intended for professional painters, they are easy to use anyone.


The tool consists of two parts: a paint holder tray and a rubber roller.


Usage of decorative rollers is very simple. With decorative rollers you can create patterns on the wall easily and fast. Follow the instructions, and you will have lot of fun creating your own patterns on the wall.


Success starts with a perfect wall…


Make sure that the wall is even and smooth. Paint the wall the color of your choice. If the pattern is supposed to be only on a part of the wall (bottom, or top) mark the wall with a line, to make sure that the patter started or ended evenly.


The paint you need for your pattern….


For this tool use water-based paint only. The density of the paint should be about the same as the density of the paint used for the wall. You will cover about 30-60 square feet of the wall with one pound of paint. The amount greatly depends on the type of pattern. For best results use paint that has a great covering capacity.


To work with this tool…..


1.      Remove the top (metal) application roller from the handle/paint holder.

2.      Fill the handle/paint holder with paint. The paint should be up to the half of the bottom (plastic) roller. (See diagram) Make sure to monitor the level of the paint, so you did not run out of it while painting patterns on the wall.

3.      Place the top application roller into the handle/paint holder. Make sure that the pins at each end of the roller fit into the rail.

4.      Place the decorative roller onto the handle. Make sure that the pins on the decorative roller fit into the openings on both sides of the handle/paint holder.

5.      Mark the roller with a permanent marker. This mark will help you to start the pattern every time the same way.

6.      Place the roller on the wall, to the place where you would like to start your pattern. With gentle pressure on the wall roll the roller down the wall.

7.      For the next column of pattern place the roller next to the first column. Make sure that you second column did not run over the first one. Use your mark to start the patter the same way as your first column was.

8.      Repeat till you finished the entire wall.



Some useful tips….


1.      If you have a pattern where the elements are concentrated into the middle of the pattern you will need to alternate the starting point of the roller. In this case you need to mark the roller in two places. Each mark should be on the opposite side of the roller. Start one column of the pattern using one mark. Use the other mark for the next column. This way the pattern will alternate on the wall. For example bouquets of flowers will not be next to each other on the wall, but will between each other.

2.      If you got to the corner of the wall and you cannot fit in a whole column of pattern, use a peace of paper to cover the previous column and run the last column partially on the wall and partially on the paper. Make sure to have the previous column dry before you cover it with paper.

3.      To create patterns with several colors or shades roll the roller over the existing pattern. Shift the beginning of the new column about 1/8 – ¼ inch to the right of the existing column.


Time to clean up….


Use clean water only. No soap or other detergents or solvents are advised to use. You may use a gentle brush to remove dry residues.