Decoroll a Healthier and Greener Alternative to Wallpaper

07/10/2011 17:32


Most types of wallpaper are covered with PVC (or vinyl) for better durability. PVC (poly-vinyl-chloride) is produced from vinyl-chloride, a harmful chemical, that cause rare types of cancer in factory workers producing PVC. PVC itself is a quite hard plastic, often used in production of pipes. Additives added to PVC make it softer and more flexible. This kind of PVC is used in production of many household items, among them thin film used for wallpapers. There are various additives added to PVC to make it softer, most frequently used are phthalates. A finished PVC product off-gasses these harmful chemicals (vinyl-chloride and additives) in our homes. Inhaling such chemicals may cause eye and skin irritation, and allergic symptoms. Formaldehyde is also one of the substances that off-gasses from wallpapers, as well as other household products. Exposure to formaldehyde causes similar symptoms as exposure to PVC off-gasses.


To improve your indoor air quality you have either a choice to buy a all natural wallpaper or use low VOC paints to decorate your walls. To make patterns on your wall easily, use paint rollers Decoroll. You can not only create your own design, but also improve indoor air quality of your home.


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