Advantages of decorative paint rollers Decoroll

06/12/2011 18:23

With paint rollers Decoroll you can.......


  1. ....have a less expensive and faster solution to a wall paper; no need to strip, easy to change.
  2. ....a much faster solution to stenciling.
  3. ....easily freshen up the look of your walls.
  4. ....create a design exactly the way you like it.
  5. ....have a more defined pattern than the one with sponge or other decorative paint roller.
  6. ....prevent visibility of cuffs and fingerprints on the wall exposed to heavy wear.

Paint rollers Decoroll are a professional wall decorating tool. It comes with a paint holder tray; no need to dip the roller into the paint. The paint holder tray saves time and applies the paint on the roller evenly and continuously.