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Multicolor stripy pattern - step by step

07/05/2013 12:32
  This design was created in a similar manner as the multicolor abstract design. This time we used seven different colors on a black background: yellow, orange, red, light blue, pink, green, blue (in this order). Every time we used the same roller: pattern number 290. Pictures below show every...

Multicolor abstract pattern - step by step

05/26/2013 19:21
We have a similar paintig idea on our website, but this one shows steb by step how to achieve a multicolor effect with Decoroll decorative paint rollers. This is a fun project. It's practically just rolling the same pattern over and over, every time with a different color. You just need to make...

How to paint with Decoroll Paint Rollers

04/18/2013 13:04
If you are creative and love patterns, this is the right tool for you. This is the right tool for you also when you'd like decorate your rooms on budget, or if you want to avoig harmful compounds gassing off of most wallpapers. Although decorative paint rollers Decoroll are intended for...

Decoroll at Marin Home and Garden Show, June 2-3, 2012.

05/18/2012 14:46
Decoroll paint rollers will be present at Marin Home and Garden Show in San Rafael, CA. Come and see our decorative paint rollers. You are welcome to try them out, see how easy it is to work with them, and get expert advice directly from the owner of the company.  

Decoroll at Hungarian Heritage Festival

05/18/2012 13:27
It was a fun day at Hungarian Heritage Festival in Belmont, CA. We were presenting our Decoroll paint rollers, the visitors could not only see many of our sample boards, but also try painting with our decorative paint rollers. The most popular patterns were the big floral patterns for accent...


09/29/2011 11:05
Would you like to learn  the skills of working with Decoroll  paint rollers? We can train you if you live in San Francisco Bay Area. Please email or call for details.


09/29/2011 10:49
If you feel you have a problem  using Decoroll paint rollers yourself? We can help by doing the entire project for you! If you live in San Francisco Bay Area call or email us. We have outstanding experts to help with your project. They are skillful colorists who not only count painting among...

Decoroll a Healthier and Greener Alternative to Wallpaper

07/10/2011 17:32
  Most types of wallpaper are covered with PVC (or vinyl) for better durability. PVC (poly-vinyl-chloride) is produced from vinyl-chloride, a harmful chemical, that cause rare types of cancer in factory workers producing PVC. PVC itself is a quite hard plastic, often used in...

Decoroll painting tips

06/22/2011 09:57
To create a unique design for you wall you can combine various patterns and colors. Whether you want to create moder or vintage look, it all depends on your color and pattern choices. Expamples of color and pattern combinations are in our Photogallery.

Advantages of decorative paint rollers Decoroll

06/12/2011 18:23
With paint rollers Decoroll you can.......   ....have a less expensive and faster solution to a wall paper; no need to strip, easy to change. ....a much faster solution to stenciling. ....easily freshen up the look of your walls. ....create a design exactly the way you like...
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